Tuesday, November 30, 2004

The Full Version

Anyone who wants to download the entire novel at once can get it here: Bibliomorph.pdf (348k). It contains the pure, rough-draft, month-long version. Some day maybe it will be edited, but probably not soon.


At 9:24 PM, Blogger RoseDragon said...

Hi Mr. Waldon!

At last I read the whole of this story. At first the pacing is TOO slow, although you have done well in describing everything to make me still try to continue read (more likely based that I read a few words on the last chapter, which makes me curious).

I would say this story shows your excellent creativity. I envy of how you could work it out together with your casual days, I'm spending all my times on writing+reading+learning but my stories still not as original and unbelievable-imaginative as this one.

With a bit fix on the beginning, I'm sure you could sold this out. It's not the matter of money anyway, but to make more people read this.

Might I suggest two more things: lengthen the fights and remove the intimate part (because I think this fantasy have most readers teenage and below).

And anyway, if you have another story.. I would love to read them. You can email me on arutema@gmail.com




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